You need to follow 10 famous Pakistani Photographers

10 famous Pakistani photographers who are thoroughly virtuoso. In this list of 10 popular Pakistani photographers, our expert photographers in Pakistani have added a new highbrow photographer.

It seems that nobody can help photography in one’s fast life. Photography has been a part and parcel of everyone’s daily life. So, whenever someone caresses the exigency of photography, they give photographers the once-over to keep-alive those spesh movements.

Pakistan is a beautiful country that has a lot of adroit photographers. All of those adroit Pakistani photographers, we piled up 10 famous Pakistani photographers in an excellent article.

Although, after knowing those 10 famous Pakistani photographers’ potentiality, the Gige Studio recommend you to follow them.

1.     Mehlum Sadriwala

Mehlum Sadriwala is an adroit Pakistani photographer who belongs to Karachi. He covers the Sadriwala portraits. Mehlum is a passionate wedding photographer in Karachi.

Famous Pakistani Photographers
Famous Pakistani Photographers

He has photography and editing skills. His work speaks out of loudly. With his good work, he is a bold photographer in Pakistan.

But, there is something untrue with his Facebook profile’s reviews. When you visit his Facebook profile, you will find a lot of bad reviews about its wedding photography services in Karachi.

So, be heedful before hiring him for either your wedding or other events. Cause the unforgettable moments of your event are not about to come once they have gone.

Therefore, he is one of the famous Pakistani Photographers.

2.     Rida Shah Photography

Rida Shah is a competent female photographer in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her shots are extraordinary. She is a resident of Islamabad. However, Rida got her photography training in Visual Communication.

Rida Shah Photography
Rida Shah Photography

She is a self-taught photo manipulation artist who has branched out into original ideas to create captivating venues. So even, she has shot a number of grand events in Islamabad.

She is one of the famous Pakistani photographers female. Meanwhile, Gige Studio offers the lowest rates wedding photography packages in Karachi.

3.     Chaar Bhai

With the ever-awe-inspiring pictures, Chaar bhai is a popular photographer in Pakistan. His works remind us that the impressive photography is still sentient in Pakistan.

Chaar Bhai
Chaar Bhai

Their taken photographs are so unbelievable to think about. With the new way, he is one of the famous Pakistani photographers whose skills are sublime.

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4.     Talha Ghouri

While being in Karachi, Talha Ghouri has superbly been a fashion editorial photographer. He is, in fact, one of the famous Pakistani photographers.

His popular phots came from the events of Karachi. Are you interested in modelling? So, why not get a portfolio done by Talha?

Talha Ghouri
Talha Ghouri

Talha also offers the photographers with the photography classroom. His photography classes are not the regular basis. But, when you go to learn from him, you will get the fully equipped with studio facilities which take your experience above the sky.

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5.     Syed Abad Ur Rehman

Like others famous Pakistani photographers, Syed Abad Ur Rehman is a stylish photographer. He is a co-founder of Seelogic production.

Syed Abad Ur Rehman
Syed Abad Ur Rehman

Not only he is a passionate Pakistani photographer but also a runner of NGO, and a writer he is. So, his way to photograph an event is fabulous.

However, his photographs have the worth to look at. Thus, his passion is to make your moments marvellous.

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6.     Umair Khan Photography

Umair Khan photography is in the air right now. He is a resident of Karachi. Though, his popularity is on fire.

Umair Khan Photography
Umair Khan Photography

Having a dream of being a photographer, Umair Khan has, now, fulfilled his vision. Actually, he is a hero to make you amazing with his photographs of whether an event or party.

Umair Khan is still one of the famous Pakistani photographers. So, don’t let slide his taken images.

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7.     Hassan Habib Hashmi

Neither non-professional photographer nor immature photographer can strive to get in the deep adeptness of Hassan Habib Hashmi.

Hassan Habib Hashmi
Hassan Habib Hashmi

The ever-ideal photographer is Hassan Habib Hashmi. If you actually wish to follow a photographer then there is no an exceptionally better choice except Hassan Habib Hashmi.

However, his photographed images add him to the list of famous Pakistani Photographers.

8.     Mahoor Jamal

Mahoor Jamal is a bright and breezy photographer who lives in Peshawar. He, as well as his studio, establishes in Peshawar.

Mahoor Jamal
Mahoor Jamal

He is also an illustrator. So, his taken photographs have roared in Pakistan. Attending the grand ceremonies in Pakistan, Mahoor Jamal is, now, a popular photographer in Pakistan.

He is one of the most famous Pakistani photographers whose main work comes from Peshawar.

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9.     Zainab H. Naseer

Zainab H. Naseer is really an ardent female photographer who lives in Karachi. She is a filmmaking graduate.

Zainab H
Zainab H

Zainab is one of the famous Pakistani photographers. Thus, her incredible work made her a popular female photographer from Pakistan. Though, she is young and bold.

10.     Shahzad Akram: PH: +92 308-2215061

With the supreme aptitude, Shahzad Akram is a fervent photographer in great Pakistan. He is often called Pakistan’s best photographer.

shahzad akram - Top 10 Photographers in Pakistan
shahzad Akram – Top 10 Photographers in Pakistan

Therefore, his extant works include wedding photography, event photography, bridal and bridegroom photography in Pakistan.

So, Shahzad Akram produced most of his known works between 2008 and 2018. His early shots were primarily wedding and event.

His photographs remain highly popular and have worth to see. Now, Shahzad Akram is one of the famous Pakistani photographers. Just, give him a call to hire for wedding photography right now.