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Animal Photography

Animal Photography

The Gige Studio is a great photographic studio to provide clients with the profession, experienced, and patient pet photographer and animal photography in Pakistan.


We are only the well-experienced animal photographers in Pakistan. We start the process with a pre-consultation. In pre-consultation, our professional pet photographers meet you and your pets. The skillful animal photography team of the Gige Studio discuss with you about every element. Our pet photographer’s discussion with you includes your needs and requirements, your most likeness, and locations what your pet feels comfortable about.

The Photo Shot

Depending on clients’ requirements, an actual shot of the pet can take 30 minutes up to 2 hours long. We can shoot either in your home or in your front. On the other hands, the backyards are also an epoch-making place for the shot. Our professional photographers don’t fight shy of taking the photo shot at your pet’s favorite park.

The photography team of the Gige Studio can do 2 or 3 locations with the standard session. Our shorter mini-session is planned for just one location. We are ready for photo shot whether you choose just one location or two.

Slideshow – Animal Photography

Around a week after the shot of the animal photography, our photographer gives you a call to request to come to our famed studio. We will demonstrate you a slideshow of all the images of your cute pet. After getting a look of the images of your beautiful pet, you will comfortably pick your favorites out.

For your picked-out pics, our professional editing team plans out how to display them well.

Fine Art

After two to three weeks in the wake of showing the slideshow, our professional editing team will make your final artwork completely ready to enjoy and share. We also provide the clients with a disk of the images so that you may feel easy to get them out to show free from constraint.