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Bridal Photography

The Gige Studio offers bridal photography services to cleverly photograph the story of your wedding day in a documentary style. The professional photographic team of the Gige Studio earnestly captures the memorable moments of your wedding in a photographic album. Our photographers own all the modern equipment to satisfy the requirements of the bridal photography.

Every year, the Gige Studio offers the greatest services for bridal photography all over Pakistan. We give a number of absolutely superb offers to beautiful bridals to come out as a leading studio in Pakistan. Every day, Photographers of the Gige Studio take the photographs scores of bridals.

Price Lists & Special Offers

We offer the price list & special offers for Bridal Photography Services


Rs 13,999
4 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Bridal Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing


Rs 23,999
6 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Bridal Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing
Custom Album
Disc of all images


Rs 33,999
8 Hours Coverage
2 Photographer
Bridal Session
Family Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Custom Album

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What do our Customers Think of us?

Hiring a bridal photographer from Gige Studio was a great experience to get the best images, but, the price is a bit high. Services are excellent.

Jehan Zeb

The great bridal photography services. Good experience and great ideas for photographing bridal.

Numan Ahmad

Mechanical Engineer

Our Photography Team

We are Modish

The full expert and professional photographers of Gige Studio has a relaxed, informal, and masterly style to beautifully create the modern images of the bridals. While capturing the biggest events of the day, we look for the smallest moments to photograph. In the wedding, the moments that look small always create the momentous memories of the day. It’s incredibly exceptional to capture a fleeting moment instantly and means the world when photographing a bridal.

The Gige Studio is Ready – Bridal Photography

Whether you arrange your wedding in your good home or marvelous hotel whatever your plan is we would love so deeply to hear all about them. We “every time” are super ready to happily travel for bridal photography. Share the ideas of your wedding with us before somedays to gravely discuss. We would be thrilled and excited to be an excellent bridal photographer of her big day.

Owning the greatest studio in Pakistan has given us incredibly wonderful opportunities to photograph some celebrities as bridals.

Our Photographers Focus on what?

We shoot pretty and lovely bridal photography with slightly quirky, alternative edge. The Gige Studio has a clear aim to capture bridals and her family plus guests naturally without getting in the way so much. Our photographers focus on delivering you with the images that reflect you and your day.

Do we not want to? Yeah!

Of course, we don’t want to make our clients worried about their photographs while spending so many costly hours with our great photographer. The Gige Studio is an extremely inordinate team of really expert and professional photographers to bring you out of stress. So, our expert photographic team doesn’t want its clients’ overriding memory of their big day spending hours with the photographer. Our Photographers want their clients’ most important memory spending all their precious time with their thick and thin.