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Couple Photography

The adept and professional photographers of the Gige Studio love deeply photographing couples. At Gige Studio, we provide the innovative, modern and contemporary couple photography service. Our photography team doesn’t slightly get fade the precious moments of couple’s day while presenting them with the unique style and in the finest photographic album.

The style of our extremely illustrious studio to shoot couple is more than fun, informality, and relaxation. We capture the gorgeous expressions and precious moments of the couple’s day as they happen in their life.


Price Lists & Special Offers

We offer the price lists & special offers for Couple Photography Services


Rs 23,999
4 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Couple Session
Family Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images


Rs 31,999
6 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Couple Session
Family Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Disc of all images


Rs 41,999
8 Hours Coverage
2 Photographer
Couple Session
Family Session
2 Additional Sessions
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Disc of all images

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Mehwish Farooq

Nice experience hiring Gige Studio Photographers. Well Experienced and skillful. Nice couple shots from them.

Islam Mahmood

Happy from their photos and professional editing.

Our Photography Team

Providing Particularly for Couple Photography

The Gige Studio’s team member pride on having trustworthy relationships to offer couple photography services. We provide the couple with the unique, creative working services. Our relationship with the couple makes them feel like home in giGe Studio. Our specialized photographers behave you like family members and give you full comfortable, great fun, and truly personal photographic experience.

We are “at Gige Studio” an independent and family-run business to deliver you couple photography services lowest rates. We care for capturing the momentous and memorable moments of a couple’s life.

Let’s Give Value to Right Moments

In a happy relationship, it’s too important to give right value couples’ special moments, anniversaries, birthday and ceremonies. It’s essential to build a real history of a couple’s life in order to remember these unforgeable days in the future. You can rediscover the beauty of these unique occasions after hiring one of our photographers. In the past, the photographic album which was shot by our adept and expert photographer will lead couple up to the wedding, engagement, and marriage proposal.

Our Experts Help Couple

The couple can get really memorable photographs with simply a day spent together. The Gige Studio helps couple select a place to photograph as a setting for ins and outs, and it’d be based on the way of working with our experts. Our professional working team creates a storyline, well-organized and harmonious in the details. We are completely responsible to print carefully couple photographs on the best fine art papers.

Marriage Proposal

Marriage is a scene of imagination from when it came to movies. The Gige Studio has now joined the wedding world further for the pleasure of peeps while capturing obviously the fundamental period of time of the choice of a couple in the photographic album. Our skillful photographers equip you with the marriage proposal photography service to tightly catch your portentous moments.

We know it’s an important decision to live the whole life together this is why our studio’s team suggests to hang it on. Many couples hang on the marriage proposal time to rediscover it and live the life in the special manners, with tenderness and nostalgia. The marriage proposal can be taking place by you at an exclusive spot, a surprising trip or an unexpected situation.

If you ever have organized this amazing surprise for your adorable partner then don’t miss the chance to photograph it by our couple photography services or marriage proposal photography services.