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Outdoor Photography

The remarkable photographic staff of the Gige Studio is excited to offer the outdoor photography to the clients. The outdoor photography is tremendously a great type of the photography of our workroom. Being a famed studio in Pakistan, we come out with a huge range of this type of photography and videography.

Our designed parks with the perfect setting entice the families, seniors, pets, maternity, newborns, and much more to be photographed by our perfect outdoor photographers. The client’s choice is a priority for us. Every client could select one’s favorite park to get captured photographs of oneself by the Gige Workroom. We love and respect the customers.

Confirm the Day Time, and Place

We have a separate outdoor specialized photography team to elegantly catch the memorable moment of your happy life. All the photographers of the Gige Studio have been masterly in every categorization of the photography. To confirm the day, time, and place, you call our masterful photographer 24-28 hours before.

Do you Want to Bring Your Pet with?

Our lensmen love to photograph your unforgettable moment with your pet whether this is a cute cat and a faithful dog or another beautiful animal. We don’t bother by your pets. Some gorgeous parks have the strict rules. If you plan to bring your pet, consult with our adept outdoor photographer beforehand since some fabulous parks have specific rules regarding pets.

On your Session Day – Outdoor Photography

Do you want to bring something specific to get captured from the Gige Studio’s professional lensman? If you want us to capture the certain pose or individuals of a group then let’s know boldly. We allow the clients to bring along any props you may like to personalize your session. Don’t worry about the rest of the details. We are responsible for all the ins and outs.

The weather Doesn’t Bother Us

Don’t worry about the weather. On your session day, if the weather doesn’t cooperate then our talented outdoor photographers may take you covered area in the park. Although we suggest you a covered area yet our adorable photographic team is happy to reschedule your session day.