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Panorama Photography

We offer the great services for panorama photography or panoramic photography. The Gige Studio always turns up with the modern equipment and tools to bring out the extremely best from the studio for you. To appease the requirements of our trusted clients, we use specialized equipment and software.

Our panoramic photographers manipulate point and shoot or DSLR to take panorama photography for our respectable clients. They always use two techniques to take panorama photos, photographing a scene using the camera or using a special software to align those images together to emerge a single panoramic image. We create stunning panoramic images of any subject including landscapes.

Horizontal Shots and Vertical Shots

Taking horizontal Shots

We take it as an easy method for quick panoramas. To take a horizontal shoot, the Gige Studio professional photographers think that resolution isn’t important there.

Taking Vertical Shots

Our panoramic photographers mostly take the vertical shoot to capture panoramas images. The panoramic photographers of our studio think that vertical photographs catch more of the sky and ground and yield greater resolution panoramas compared to horizontal ones.

Camera Equipment Which We Use

Digital Camera and DSLR – Panorama Photography

Our adept lensmen preferably use more than digital cameras further any camera can be used if the exposure of the camera is locked. giGe Studio’s advanced digital cameras can shoot panoramic images in full manual mode but we look more than digital cameras for panorama photography. The professional panoramic lensmen team of our studio ideally retains a DSLR to perfectly appease the needs of the clients.

Len -Panorama Photography 

We find zoom lenses the most powerful and useful equipment for panorama photography. With the years of experience of panoramic snaps, we can shoot a panorama with the fixed-prime lenses too. To photograph with the fixed-prime lenses has more options and versatility for us moving in difficult conditions.

Lens Filters

The main and important part of panorama shoot is lens filters. Our photographers are too much professional and incredibly genius to take the lens off while shooting panorama photographs. Keeping a clear filter on until it’s not introducing any vignette to the images of panorama gives us positive results for panoramic shots.