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Party Photography

Party photography can be every type of like toddlers’ birthday, children’s birthday, couple marriage party, wedding anniversary, engagement parties, babies’ birthday party or mother birthday party. Our specialist photographers are quite available to consistently capture the special events and occasions of peeps’ happy life.

Whether it’s an event photography or a party photography, our skillful team superbly specializes in photographing every kind of events. We love to work for the greatest people.

Price Lists & Special Offers

We offer the price lists & special offers for Party Photography Services


Rs 23,999
4 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Party Session
Family Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images


Rs 31,999
6 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Party Session
Family Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Custom Album


Rs 41,999
8 Hours Coverage
2 Photographer
Party Session
2 Additional Sessions
Family Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Custom Album

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Clients Reviews

What do our Customers Think of us?

Muhammad Saad Baigh

The best photographic studio for event photography. All the photographers are so serious and competent. Great job.

Muhammad Rizwan Mustafa

The best party photography. Yes. They are the great photographers of the event photography. Thumbs up for you.

Our Photography Team

Get there Photographing Everything

From birthday party photography to engagement party photography, the perfect atmosphere of the event, the essence, and all the fun will be photographed by Gige Studio’s photographers.

We Do Best – Party Photography

We do everything best but photographing parties is one of the most favorite categories to photograph nicely. The reportage style of our adept party photographers distinctly captures the mood of the guest of party events. Missing no worthy moment of the party, Gige Studio is known as one of the popular studios in Pakistan.

You Hire Suitable Photographers

As employs, we have the photographers of all ages. You, at Gige Studio, can hire a party photographer whose style and personality will suit the age demographic of your party. We ensure clients to get photographer whose they love.

To Love Children

We always look forward to working with the children. Our snappers love photographing children parties. The Gige Studio comes out with a huge range of good and great services for children event photography because we adore them. They are the prettiest subject to shoot meanwhile they are mischievous moving here and there with the lightning speed.

You need to get the specialist event photography service from us as we manage everything nicely with the experience of years. Our event photographers specialize in working gently and kindly with the children ensuring nothing to be forgotten.

With the Extensive Experience

With the extensive experience in event photography, we are quite able to bring down these skill within the ground of your event. Being the very expert event photographers, we take the mixture of posed and candid snap of your occasions. Our event photography team “of course” catch the formal aspect of your beautiful events such as speeches or rewards.