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Senior Photography

At the Gige Studio, we offer senior photography services in Pakistan particularly for the students at the beginning of their senior year of high school.


The photography team of the Gige Studio gives you access to get the offers of senior photography services in Pakistan. Our professional photographers are being invited to the school and colleges to ensure all senior portraits for the yearbook.

To get our photography services in school or college can be beneficial for those students who can’t afford the services of senior photography on their own. The students sometimes hire our photography lensmen on their own to take beautifully some of their unforgettable photographs.

Get Offers of Modern Senior Photography

The Gige Studio delivers students with the modern senior photography. Our modern senior photography includes nearly every pose or clothing choice within the limits of good taste. Our lensmen allow students appear with pets, in letterman jackets or their playing uniforms. We suggest choosing the locations that have specific importance to senior.

Our Professional Lensmen Serves

Our photography lensmen often serve in graduation announcements. After taking the photographs of students, we hand them over their families. Being experts, the photographers of giGe Studio captures the memorable moments in the life of the students seriously. These moments can fantastically use in yearbooks. We feature the senior photography in color, even if the rest of the yearbook is almost entirely reproduced in black and white.

Traditional-style Portraits

Of the Most of the schools in Pakistan, the requirements are very strict to choose the photographer and some schools in Pakistan accept just traditional-style portraits. Regarding the requirements of the schools, we have really come over them and offer traditional style portraits services. Too many schools, the Gige Studio’s team provides one photographer for their yearbook portraits. For many schools, we allow many photographers to be hired to satisfy the needs of portraits of the students.