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Wedding Photography

The wedding is an extra special day in everyone’s life. With the wedding photography, wedding day remains dreamily last for a long time ­­to be remembered. Bridal and groom particularly remember their wedding day for many years to come. This day is one that isn’t about to come back once it elapses. A wedding album arises as a tangible item to deeply remember the most valuable day of your adequately ideal life.

Help ensure that the memories of your wedding day don’t fade with the really stunning photographs to create a memorable story for two of you to fortune.

As a full professional Gige Studio’s photography team, we ensure that all your wedding photography needs are met with us efficiently. We provide your momentous wedding day with a standard of quality which you’ll be proud to show off.

Price Lists & Special Offers

We offer the price list & special offers for Wedding Photography Services


Rs 23,999
4 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Bridal Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images


Rs 31,999
6 Hours Coverage
1 Photographer
Bridal Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Custom Album


Rs 41,999
8 Hours Coverage
2 Photographer
Bridal Session
Groom Session
Wedding Session
Professional Editing
Disc of all images
Custom Album

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What do our Customers Think of us?

I as well as my family git the greatest wedding photography from the studio is Gige Studio. Strongly recommend getting the wedding photography services from the Gige Studio.

Aleeza Tahir

In Pakistan, we only got the good wedding photographs from Gige Studio.

Aiza Hameed


Our Photography Team

Ceremony and Reception

Working in an efficient way with no disturbance next to you, our aim is to guaranty that you possibly spend as long as you want with your lovely guests and enjoy your extremely special and unforgettable day with your quite sweet family. None enjoys one’s wedding day waiting around randomly and controlling everything, the Gige Studio ensures that your wedding day runs satisfactorily.

The Gige Studio’s professional photography team makes you and your respectable guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Our photographers complete the formal photographs between ceremony and reception around 30 minutes or less. On the other hands, the formal photographs between ceremony and reception totally dependent upon the requirements and needs of the bridal and groom. The photography team of the Gige Studio does the job according to the customers’ requirements.

A full Day Wedding Photography

Before the wedding, the wedding photography coverage mostly begins to very early in the morning with the bridal preparation, taking photographs of bridal’s dress, shoes, jewelry, and everything that makes her look incredibly beautiful and stunning for the big day of her life. The wedding day photography coverage remains continued right through to the first dance of the wedding. An appealing wedding album prepares completely when a professional wedding photographer attends a full day of the wedding.

Our full expert photography team attends your whole wedding day to capture every moment of this momentous day. We make sure that we will be on hand to capture fantastically all those special moments of the big day as they happen. The quality wedding photography service we provide is matchless. We don’t even slightly compromise on the excellence of our really great work.

Wedding Album from Lowest RS – Includes Coverage of One Day

Wedding Photography package below “for 2018” include the following.

  • A full day’s attendance, starting from pre-wedding preparation to the evening reception.
  • 1 photographer.
  • A full wedding day to choose unlimited images from, every photograph you see in your wedding album is edited and presented ready to display.
  • Large HD widescreen display of completely edited photographs of your evening reception. Allowing all the evening guests to view the great moments of the wedding day. Yeah! Indeed, offering bridal and groom a chance of taking a quick look at their stunning wedding images.
  • To give the free images of bridal and groom to the guests to take away on the big day.
  • Having a long discussion about your wedding photography requirements.
  • Download of all the edited files absolutely ready for social media.

We offer the packages for all wedding types. The packages we provide can be changed to adapt your exact requirements with more photographs, may be more photographers to cope with so many guests, increasing the size of images and some odd needs. Give us a call with the exact requirements, please. Wedding in Sahiwal and near cities doesn’t additionally cost. A not returnable deposit of 27% of your selected album package fixes your wedding date.